Acupuncture Treatments

Information About the History and Practice of Acupuncture Treatments

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The practice of acupuncture treatments dates back thousands of years and is one of the therapies associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine, commonly abbreviated TCM. These ancient remedies include herbal concoctions and massages along with exams and questions that western practitioners would deem unrelated to the complaint of the patient.


Acupuncture, like all TCM treatments, view discomfort and pain as a malfunction of the energy pathways in the human body. Additionally, the view that humans require a balance of elements in the body to prevent disease is a prevalent train of thought. Because of this, all treatments are designed to restore proper energy flow and balance or to restore the elements to a harmonious state

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Until the Nixon Administration, TCM was practiced almost exclusively in China, and never as far away as the US. However, the president opened relations with them during his time in office. A popular reporter of the time had emergency surgery while in China, and reported that his experience with acupuncture to relieve the post-surgical pain was favorable, garnering an interest from the public who was being allowed more than brief glimpses from the other side of the wall since it was erected.


Multiple studies have been performed by eastern practitioners regarding the effectiveness of this non-pharmaceutical method of treatment. The results of these are oftentimes questionable, particularly if the study has been funded by the government or one of the pharmaceutical giants. The fact remains that for more than 2,500 years it has aided Chinese men and women to treat a wide range of ailments and similar results have been reported by real patients in the US and Western Europe.

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Acupuncture treatments are known to benefit those with emotional disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Those with addictions have also found relief when certain points in and around the ear are stimulated. People experiencing various digestive complaints have been able to curb their symptoms and begin to heal once they include acupuncture into their treatment plan. From irritable bowel syndrome to excessive vomiting, patients have been able to restore proper digestion over time.


It is also a useful treatment modality for those with a wide range of painful conditions. Whether from an injury or a chronic disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, repeated treatments can dramatically reduce the amount of pain the patient suffers each day. Other common problems that those in the modern world suffer respond well to this therapy, including chronic lower back pain and migraines.


After the acupuncturist makes an assessment, the two of you will formulate a treatment plan. Generally, you will require more than one visit for complete healing of an area. During treatment, thin sterile needles are inserted at strategic points on your body, where they remain for a specified period of time. Afterward, you may feel energized, tired, or exactly the same for a while.


No matter what type of symptoms you are currently showing, you can visit an acupuncture specialist to begin this well-known and established treatment plan from the east.