The Evolving Market For Herbal Supplements And Medicines

alternate health wellnessIt’s no secret that many people are struggling with unhealthy lifestyles and very poor diets. While it’s always been common to supplement your nutritional intake by popping a vitamin capsule or two, today you can do a lot more to safeguard and improve your health! Herbal supplements and medicines let you take advantage of the natural, organic health benefits offered by a huge range of beneficial plants. When you use them to treat ailments or maintain your overall level of health, you can dramatically improve your lifestyle and reduce the health risks you’re exposed to.

alternate health wellness

The Importance Of Professional Oversight

While herbal products are easy to buy on your own, you need to exercise a little caution before you go on a spending spree. You should always review any herbals you intend to use with your doctor before you start taking them. Many herbal preparations have known issues with certain medications and long-term health conditions. If you have a heart condition, for example, there are many herbal supplements that might adversely affect your health and put you at risk for serious complications. To use safe herbals for health improvement, the advice of a healthcare professional is absolutely vital.


Your Herbal Research Responsibilities

alternate health wellness

You have to do your homework in order to get the maximum possible benefit out of using herbals. This means not just researching the effects and benefits of a specific herb, but also studying the background of the manufacturers who create the products you intend to use. Unlike prescription medications and other drugs, herbal medicines and supplements are very lightly regulated by governments. The health benefits claimed by manufacturers and the contents of their products do not have to be verified by research or governmental inspection. This means it’s up to you to pick out the manufacturers with a reputation for delivering safe, effective, high quality herbal products.


Herbal Remedies With Known Risks

alternate health wellness

Yohimbe bark

In order to stay safe while you improve your health, there are certain herbal preparations you should avoid. Aristolochia, bitter orange, and yohimbe are all still available in over-the-counter products, even though they have known health risks.

alternate health wellnessAristolochia can cause cancer and kidney failure, bitter orange is similar to ephedra, and yohimbe leads to respiratory illness if it’s used in high doses. If you’re taking medication to reduce the risk of stroke (e.g. warfarin or aspirin) there are whole range of common herbs you should stay away from, including gingko, saw palmetto, and garlic. Echinacea, an extremely popular herbal supplement used to boost the immune system, can cause liver damage if it’s taken along with statins used to treat high cholesterol.


alternate health wellnessAs you can see, educating yourself is important before you start using herbals. By preparing yourself thoroughly and studying up on the medicines and supplements available to you, you can significantly improve your overall health without exposing yourself to any undue risks. Just remember to take your time and study your herbs carefully!