Alternate health with chinese medicine

People seek out alternative treatment for a variety of reasons. Most are looking for a treatment plan that offers minimal side effects. Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, has been around for thousands of years. In fact, it’s still practiced by the over a billion people in China everyday. It’s recently become a popular medical “sub-culture” in countries all over the Western World.


What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

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Traditional Chinese Medicine includes the use of herbs, acupuncture, massage and different exercises to treat ailments. It  is typically used to supplement treatment, rather than replace it. Chinese medicine is based in the belief that the body is supported by a type of energy, known as Chi, that moves through branches. These branches are connected to vital organs. Chi is responsible for the function of these organs.


Alternate Health With Chinese Medicine: Types Of Treatments

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Acupuncture has become increasingly popular in the west. It is now practiced by psychologist, therapist, nurse practitioners and even medical doctors. There are still acupuncturist who only specialize in Alternative Chinese medicine. No matter who you seek out this type of treatment from, you should make sure that they’re certified to do it in your area.


Acupuncture looks a lot scarier than it is. It’s performed with extremely thin needles that are absolutely painless when inserted. If you’re receiving treatment from an acupuncturist who’s licensed, they will only insert the needles in harmless areas. These include the skin, muscles and subcutaneous tissue.


Acupuncture is believed to relieve pain and help with emotional disorders. Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners also believe acupuncture can prevent disease. Little evidence has supported this claim.



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Certain herbs are used in Chinese medicine to treat and prevent ailments. For instance, the herb Huperzine A is believed to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Recently, this herb has attracted attention from western physicians due to positive results in studies that have backed up this herb’s protective abilities.




Massage in Chinese medicine is referred to as Tui na. This massage is different from western massages in that the person receiving it is fully clothed. There is also no oil involved. Instead, assisted stretching, rubbing and percussion are used to manipulate the body.



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Exercise is another component in Chinese medicine. It largely consists of stretches and meditation. This makes it accessible to older and physically disabled people who may not be able to form elaborate yoga poses.


Is It Time To Seek Out Traditional Chinese Medicine?


Now that you know what it is, it’s likely you know someone who’s had one of these treatment done. Billions of people seek out this type of medicine every year. Maybe there’s something to it?